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Tech Lab

Each week the girls get together to learn new technology applications and coding, in partnership with Vodaphone Osu and Girls Who Code, helping to close the gender and cultural gap in technology.


Book Club

Each month the girls will choose an inspiring book to read from our Library. Followed by a sister circle. Encouraging reading literacy and a positive self image. In partnership with Glorika Early Learning Centre.

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AG Bank

The girls will learn to bank, save and invest their money through online banking, SUSU and Microloans through their own Banking system and Coin, Afrikan Girl's Bank of Ghana.  

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The girls will meet and participate in art therapy, human ecology and self love workshops, learning yoga, meditation, sewing, farming, natural medicine and Afrikan Women History.

Black Dolls for Black Girls Initiative


black dolls

There is a shortage of Black Dolls in Afrika. For many girls if they do own a doll, it doesn't look like them. Our plan is to bring awareness and more black dolls to distribute to little girls in Ghana 

black girls

Each girl will be gifted, a brand new doll, donated by a doll donor. This will foster positive self image and self love.

A personalized thank you video from each girl will be given to their donor. 

"Brown skin girl / Your skin just like pearls / The best thing in the world / Never trade you for anybody else." - Brown Skin Girl - Beyonce'


14 Year old Girl from Osu, Accra

Beautiful and Kind Afia lives with her Dad, her mother passed away when she was just 6 months old, she never owned a doll. BD4BG linked her with her doll donor Keenya and we was able to delivered to her, her first doll.

Our Girls


12 Year old Girl from Kokrobite Beach

Beautiful and Sweet Mary lives with her Mom and Siblings by the Beach,the conditions are not too much different from the slums in the city. BD4BG linked her with doll donor Lashawn and we delivered to her, her first black doll.


Help A Black Girl Find Her Magic 

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AFRIKAN GIRL'S TOWN is an all-girls youth development program that focuses on mentoring and empowering young women to become confident, independent, and successful leaders of tomorrow. Our program offers a wide range of activities and support services to help foster the personal growth of our participants.

Our aim is to create an environment where young women can learn the necessary life skills to make positive decisions, believe in themselves, and reach their full potential. With a dedicated team of mentors and volunteers, we strive to create a positive and inspiring space for our participants to explore, create, and grow.

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Afrikan Girl's Club Party 

December 26, 2023

Accra, Ghana

An Event Celebrating Brown Skin Girls

Focusing on Self Love and Care

Fashion Show & Refreshment

Each Girl will be Gifted:

A Take Away Gift Bag of Self Love

Goodies just for Her.

Bring joy to a little girl's life 

Sponsor Her for Our

Afrikan Girl's Club Party


Donors will be sent an invitation to attend Party, if you can make it to, Yabi, Akwaaba.

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Afrikan Girl's Shop

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