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A Wishing Well In Brooklyn A Short Film

An art enriched, SAG/AFTRA signatory short film with vibrant urban & cultural art expressions from street and canvas art, poetry, music, architecture and cinematography.

Set in the late 1980's, this film tells the story of Lady Simone Monroe, an honor student (who is destined for greatness) and that ambiguous day her mother dies of A drug overdose.

This culturally relevant film shares the important message of inner strength, perseverance and unconditional love, sprinkle with a little black girl magic.

"Nigger's always turn into Langston Fucking Hughes when they get locked up. Wasting all that talent behind bars".

-Molly B.

the film
The facts


"to describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow." Maya Angelou

After, Lady Simone's father, Roger went to jail on robbery charges, everything in life changed for Lilian Monroe, now, 32 fresh from jail herself, after doing 12 months on drug possession charge.

She envisions a new start, a new life with her new girlfriend, Molly B and her 2 children, Lady Simone, 9 and Sir Sharief, 6.

Lady Simone and Sir Sharief was so happy to have her back home, even Sharief was showing signs of improvement with his autism. Still, Mama Helen was skeptical, as she saw Lily slipping back into her old ways. She just didn't want her, to let the kids down.

It was Lady Simone's Annual Mother's Day School Assembly, Lily still hadn't showed up, Simone panics and decides to run home to get her mother. Still not dressed, Lily hears her daughter desperation, sends her back to school, then decides to get high, one last time, for the road.


This touching story shares the truth about making choices, our motivations and our fears. How life can give you new chances and how some choices can be fatal. It speaks to the dualities within us all, the inner contradictions that make us all human. 

The mission


Spread Love its the Brooklyn Way- Biggie

What happens to young fathers, who goes to jail?

What happens to the mothers and children they leave behind?

What happens to a little girl who parents fail her?

Who do she turn to for guidance, for love?

Shedding light on social issues plaguing our communities and the family dynamics, that is the purpose of this project.


The power and magic of faith and love is the mission.

We hope through our film, to spread love the Brooklyn way.

They say we should stop telling these stories, I say these stories are necessary and relevant, not only to Brooklyn, but all over the globe, transcending race, culture, age and gender.


More than 8 million children, in this country, live with at least one parent who’s addicted to alcohol or drugs. 

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