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You can choose if you want to sponsor one child or a set of siblings. Your monthly donations will help benefit an Afrikan child living below poverty. Each month you will get a Progress Video from your child(ren). All donations go directly to child's Vodaphone mobile money account. 


The children you will be sponsoring are beautiful Afrikan children living in some of the poorest villages in Ghana. These children are living in survival mode everyday, and are in need of assistance with school tuition, clothing, nutritional food, clean water, medical care. 

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Kayla & Ama

1 and 3 year old sisters from Yabi, Kumasi

Kayla and Oma are the best of sisters, they play together and bath together and hopefully will go to school together. They live with their single mother, who lives in the rural village and work is hard to come by. 

Ben & Afia

4 year old Girl and 6 year old Boy from Yabi Village, Kumasi

Ben and Afia are the the coolest siblings, Ben is really innovative and Afia is very thoughtful Ben is already in school and Afia will hopefully go to school next year. They live with their single mother, who goes out early to sell yogurt milk on the roadside.


11 year old Boy Twins from Osu, Accra

These Dynamic Two, are very smart young men, both excelling academically,with plans to become, a Doctor and an Engineer.

They live with their single mother who has been out of work due to the COVID-19.

Kofi Twins

9 month old Boy & Girl Twins from Yabi Village, Kumasi

9 month Old Kofi Twins, The Girl is thriving and has no medical issues. The Boy who is experiencing weighs loss and has a hernia, needs special medical care. With little work and a family of 6, the family doesn't have enough to pay for the operation. 


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