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5 reasons why YOU and your children will love attending

kim afreeka village academy  online school


1. We are Based In Afrika, and invite teachers from all over the World. Learning cutting edge Global Economics, Trade and Nation Building in Afrika.

2. We have an Afrikan Centered Curriculum based in authentic Afrikan and Global Diaspora History, with our newly designed S.H.E.E.T. Curriculum.

3. Students will Learn Afrikan Languages like, AKAN, IGBO, KISWAHILI, AFRIKAANS, AMHARIC, ZULU, YORUBA AND WOLOF and Afrikan Martial Arts.

4. Students would get to interact with other students in Afrika and around the World. They can join our Pen Pal Club and make lasting friendships.

5. 2 Days/ 2 Hours A Week - Classes are Creative, Interactive and Entertaining, emphasize on Critical Thinking, making the learning experience something to look forward to.

weekly Schedule

S.H.E.E.T.S Curriculum

Our Multidisciplinary Learning Approach in Spirituality, Humanities, Economics, Engineering, Technology, and Science

2 Days A Week 2 Hours A Day 

Innovative learning through critical and creative thinking, self study and reflection and team interaction and participation.

Libation & Communion

Everyday before Classes begin, We will pour libations and honor the ancestors and sit in silent communion and write in our journal.

Girls & Boys Club

Students will meet online on Saturday to  learn life skills and extracurricular activities with pen pal peers from around the world.

OurLesson Plan will focus on the CONTINENT beautiful 


Student's will learn everything about Ancient & Modern Afrikan Civilization and Culture.

Students will create their own self-sustaining eco-system. Then display at our Virtual Science Fair.  

Screening of what the Sunday times describes as part documentary, part animation, and pure magic. 

afrikan languages app

afrikan book club 

pan african ideology

 A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
― Marcus Garvey

join us in all the fun!

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Be Apart of A Wonderful Learning and Life Experience.

Where we Teach Black Children, Globally about their rich Roots and Culture and equip them with the skills to Navigate through the Future, Teaching Global Economics and Nation Building.

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Empowering our children with the proper educational foundation, a balance of their truest history, current affairs and most possible future, will not only set them apart, it will make them soar. 

Kim Afreeka - Okolieaboh, MSW,

Founder and Governess @ KAVA Online

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Kim Afreeka Village Academy

We are building a School in Ghana. This will be the site where we will host many of our online classes. If you attend our online school, you have an open invitation to come out to Ghana to attend classes and learn all about Afrika first hand.