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Legacy Land Ghana


As your liaison, we work closely with brokers, designers and developers of eco smart commercial and residential real estate, globally.

Residential Buildings with Solar Panels

Eco-Focused Engineering

Where Equality Meets Equity

We specialize in international fair-trade investments to create equality and equity around the world. Our investments are designed to promote economic growth and development in developing countries, while also providing a safe and secure return on investment. We strive to create a more equitable global economy through our commitment to responsible and sustainable investing. 

Okolieaboh Group is an international real estate consultant firm, offering unique investment opportunities in Ghana, Dubai, and Europe. Our portfolio of projects has something to offer everyone, no matter their budget or desired location. We invite you to explore our collection of projects and find the perfect one for you.

Where Luxury Meet Affordability

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Beautiful Nature

Invest Smartly

We are a collective of real estate professionals and import/export trade investors that partner with others to build high yielding, diversified portfolios within the global market.

What Clients Say

"OG helped our investment team locate prime real estate overseas with a full, low interest, funding package." - K. Morris 



Join Us as We Network, Learn, Train, Trade, Invest with African, Latino and Asian Countries

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Mrs. Kimberly Aphrika Okolieaboh

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Okolieaboh Group, Inc.

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