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On Set:Behind The Scenes Footage

Of Our Magical Cast and Crew
Photo Credit: Lulu Duecy
First Day of Shoot
Molly B can't explained to Lady Simone what happened to her mother Lily
Kody Williams acting debut.jpg.jpga man of many talents.jpg Disco Dave (my dad) in the background
Dolly listening to my idea of being Cuzin Shirl. She was feeling me
SCENE 16_ Aunt Mickey's Big Mouth_Jody Torres lining up the shot, with my Dad, David Patterson (yes
Just to think Dolly Mariah was suppose to play the boring school teacher
The Kids of A Wishing Well in Brooklyn Film , Mia Ella Clyburn, Myoki Nunn, Kobe Williams, Malachi B
Great Emotions from Mia in this Scene
molly and Lady Simone
The Star of the Movie Mia Ella Clyburn went all night without complaint! Her and her parents was a r
Adam in character
Talking life
Adam Lindo and  Kim Afreeka preparing for scene
_Umh, I'm a filmmaker, shooting a short film and we just needed to use the front door and stairs - r
Kim Afreeka and Outspoken Filmmaker Locking down the vision in front of craft services
Same Page
Ideas Flow
Adam Lindo
Adam Lindo 1
I Always Love My Mama - She's My Favorite Girl
Mia and Co Director Leroy
Altavia Robinson, Lee Robinson, Cass Nunn, Jody Torres and Kim Afreeka creating movie magic
No Rehearsal and they nailed it
My heart belongs to you..
Leroy the bubble man
Bubble Man
Side to Side
Bed Stuy Background
Run Lady Run
All together now
In between set
Mama Helen, Simone, Pumpkin & Sharief Leaving the Funeral while Dad looks on.jpg.jpg.jpg.jpgcompelli
Madeline McCray as Mama Helen A Wishing Well in Brooklyn Film
Cuzin & Documentarian  John One-Twenty McFadden, assisting with scene set up
Lily & Roger played by Lori J Laing & Adam Lindo
KIds in between set 2
Kids in between set 1
Kids in between set
Kids in between set 3
Niara and Jody
Lori and Mia
On Set Adam Lindo & Jody Torres _adamlindo _magic_hour_productions #awishingwellinbk
Lady Simone
Mia & Myoki A Wishing Well in Brooklyn Film
These 2 Cherubs! #perfectpair with Myoki Nunn and Mia Ella Clyburn
Mia C. Our Lady Simone
The Directors Kim & Leroy on the set
Actor Adam Lindo & Director Kim Afreeka contemplating the shot
That Brownskin Slip
Dolly Mariah as`Cuzin Shirl getting ready to go off on Aunt Mickey in this Scene. Well after she tak
The Directors Kim & Leroy on the set_edited
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