Black Community: We Have To Do More Than Raise Our Hands

KINFOLK: Can someone tell me what raising our hands gonna do for us? we are a responsive, reactive bunch during the Uproar…instead of being responsible and proactive when the sensation is all-over…( we were wearing hoodies, same time last year).

CHANGE. the only way we are going to change the system, is if WE CHANGE the system…that takes unification, dedicated work and those same hands, getting dirty out here in these streets. We have to reclaim our own communities and rebuild our pride in our own heritage.

MOVEMENT. Emotions & Talking is fine, they help you identify your values and passions, but by all means, we must take serious strategic action to solve this social ill that has been festering for people of African descent all over the world, for centuries.

I AM A MAN. We are not animals, we are human. Our lives are of value, our babies are of value…our rituals and language is of value, our skin tones/hair texture is of value, our heritage is of value….WE ARE A VALUABLE RACE & CULTURE.

GOD SPEED. And once we really begin to value ourselves and work collectively, we will be on our way to healing, growing and building! #powertothepeople

#furgeson #policebrutality

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