Color Blind Or Just Blind? How Economics Misses Reality:

Ok, this is not new news, right? Minorities have always been on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to economic power in America. Ok, what’s new? What’s the solution? To have more people in position concerned with our economic state in hopes to report accurate disparities, well that’s one plan…

Being a grassroot organizer, I feel we have to reach the people where they are. We have to start educating the community,  especially the next generation regarding finances and not allow them to believe that having a pair of Jordans and a Louie Bag is economic success, because it’s actually the opposite, it’s a facade.  

We must teach them about the real value of money and wealth building. They must know also, that to be rich is more than having material wealth, you must have a balance in life to maintain a healthy and wealthy lifestyle, maybe then we can begin to turn the Black Dollar into Black Power.  We can shift our direction, if we collectively work together for positive socio-economic change.

read article below to get clear stats


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