Dr. Martin Luther King – We Honor You

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington DC

Image by Scott Ableman via Flickr

My Childhood Crush, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr...

God Bless Your Soul and Your Legacy that will live on forever. Your Speech on this day in 1963, set the stage for us to Move Forward in Civil Justice and Human Compassion…You would be so proud of the progress we have made,we elected a Black President and he’s a good soul like you,We are getting along better, We raised the money to erect a statue in Your Honor, how cool is that!! We still have our share of challenges and a ways to go…but with the Grace of God, we are making strides and moving forward. Thank you for laying the foundation for all of us to stand on. Thank you for teaching us how to LOVE one another. We love and Honor You Dr. King and we will continue to keep your DREAM ALIVE!!

Listen/Read the Speech Below……

I Have A Dream Speech – Martin Luther King Speeches.

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