EDITOR’S NOTE: Straight Out Of Compton: The Good from the Hood

Here at Kismet Life & Style, We have designated This as the Year of The Finest and no one did their thing like the Compton Natives over the last few years, dominating and exploding on the scene in every area of art, entertainment & sports, as well as politics, education, ingenuity, technology and community development and giving.

I am so proud of the noise they made that I decide to dedicate the entire Black History Month issue to the efforts of these everyday locals doing extraordinary things to change the world through their inspiring actions. I felt they deserved a collective shout out, it seems when we do hear about the South Central part of Los Angeles it usually has to do with gangs or riots.

I hosted my first Young Voices Youth Forum for Black Boys in America at the Compton Library in response and to address all the challenges that seemed to be stacked against our males. It really is a beautiful city with a new young Mayor in place, the future is looking quite promising.

The truth is, as I have always knew about The Hood, we are resilient, creative and beautiful people, we are real and relevant and once we come to that conclusion about ourselves individually, then we can reclaim our hoods and our culture.

These beautiful black folk I present in this issue is proof of this, they have reclaimed and made relevant their community, their accomplishments are remarkable and awe-inspiring coming from any neighborhood, but just that more impressive coming from a community like Compton. I present to you February’s issue, “Compton’s Finest”. The first in the series; 2015: The Year of the Finest” .

Celebrate Culture. My People. – Kim Afreeka

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