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Faith of a mustard seed….

I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”-Matthew 17:20

Are you faced with what seems to be a problem? I believe all problems are positive growth opportunities in disguise…and they are very necessary to our well-being and personal development.

How else would we exercise our problem solving skills and how else would we grow?

Metaphysically Speaking, we have on some level invited this quandary into our lives, because on that same level, we know we need it in order to rise above it. We need this issue, situation, challenge to come into our world  so we can become more alive, more sharp, more ourselves…Once we settle our emotional reaction to the issue, we can then begin the process of resolution.

Everything in our energy field is pushing us to become more of who we really, truly are. When you resist living in your truth and being authentic, challenges can and will occur and as you begin to surrender to the  process of healing and growing, you will begin to open up to a greater resource that is put in place to help you succeed.

Decide before you even begin to address your issue:

To be Open and Welcoming to all Possible Solutions and to the Gift of the Lesson.

As you set the tone and alert the Universe of your willingness to allow any and all assistance, you create a vibrational volcano that erupts with a clear purpose to bring about comfort, insight and peace on your journey of resolving whatever “problem” you may seem to have.

Do a Inventory Check of some of your past problems and how they were resolved and most definitively,  what did you learn?

Never give up on yourself, Never let anyone’s thoughts or opinions steer you away from your own knowing and inner guidance. Listen for the chatter from your fear, doubt and insecurities and simply choose to accept the truth about who you are…YOU ARE DIVINE, CAPABLE & EQUIPPED with all you need to address anything that may show up in your world.

Trust, your inner guides and with faith as little as a mustard seed you will begin to become a pro-active role player in your life and not just an angry spectator.

Be Free,

Kimberly, Your Kismet Coach


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