Free SBA Business Consultation

I met with my business consultant today..he is a business attorney that contracts with the SBA to consult with Small Business Owners and offer

FREE…FREE…FREE Business Consultation.

Now, I charge $100.00 a session for my Business Consultation through Kismet Coach, mind you and that is on the affordable side of the market. So this is a very valuable service.

Point being: This is a great resource for all of the Small Business Owners & Entreprenuers out there needing quality consultation, and trust me we all can use it. The great part is the Federal Goverment picks up the bill and the more we utilize the program, the more funding it will recieve to keep it running.     

 My ubercool Business Consultant, C.C. has truly motivated me to clean my company up and focus on product marketing, revenue and financing. His help has really turned my company around in a short time. His assistance is priceless.

So if you are a Business Owner don’t feel alone, I know how hard it is to maintain a Business with the ebb and flow of change, I’ve been self-employed for 4 years and I’m still amazed that I’m still in the game…and very grateful. I know without a doubt, having solid support is one of the keys to being successful.  

Go to the to find out more about this and other programs to help you with your business needs….

Be Free!


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