IMAN: Five Seeds of Hope for Somalia

In this article, IMAN talks of 5 ways to bring Somalia back to a place of civilized existence. My prayers and tears are not enough, so my non- profit is working on a project to best be of service to the people and the workers in East Africa working to keep them alive. This statement below is from the article, regarding the treatment of woman in Somalia;

“No place in the world has been more written off than Somalia. And in Somalia, no one has been more written off than women. Violence is rampant and women bear the brunt of it: rape, torture, forced marriages to terrorist insurgents, on top of the utter vulnerability of just trying to keep themselves and their children alive. When a woman is raped, then ostracized, where can she go? Nowhere. In fact, Somalia was recently ranked as one of the five worst places for women, and due to the security situation, it is also likely the least served. Sister Somalia aims to change that.”

Check out the full article below via huffpost:


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