Jennifer Hudson plays Winnie Mandela in New Biopic w/o Consulting Winnie

Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela in the new film “WINNIE”

I was looking forward to seeing this movie, I thought this was a great casting decision. I’m a little on the fence about Terence Howard playing Mr. Nelson Mandela, but he’s a great character actor and may be convincing.

I was discouraged once I watched the CNN Video below interviewing Ms. Winnie Mandela and how she wasn’t consulted.

Really? How you do that?

 Jennifer and the Producers should have never produced a biopic about any living historical person without the consent and consultation of the person. period.

 I feel this is going to be another Hollywood romanticized depiction of Africans and Africa and we, as Americans, wont be able to get the real story behind this amazing woman’s life and struggles as she assisted her ex-husband, Nelson Mandela in revolutionizing South Africa during the Apartheid, she deserve way more respect than that.

This may be the downfall of this film. I’m not going to pay any money to see it in the cinema; that’s if it gets a distribution deal after the Toronto Film Festival.  I just don’t feel comfortable in supporting this film.

RESPECT…goes a long way. I’m with you on this one Ms. Mandela.

[cnnvideo url=’’ inline=’true’]

read the most current story below….

UPDATE – Jennifer Hudson’s “Winnie Mandela” Biopic Confirmed To Debut At Toronto’s TIFF Shadow and Act | Cinema of the African Diaspora.

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