K.I.M.S. Exclusive Video: David Olewoyo Cries Over 13 yr old Son’s Plight in America

I had the pleasure of participating in the AAFRM Film Screening & FORUM @the Downtown Independent Theater. The forum was in response to the Police Brutality that recently been broadcasted and the sparks of the many movements across the planet.

Hosted by the uber cool and perfectly brillant Director, Ava Duvernay, who is the founder of AAFRM and recent director of the critically acclaimed Movie ” Selma”. She was accompanied by the star of the movie who portrayed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and her bud, David Olewoyo. He is beautiful and quite darling, I got a chance to chat it up with the two of them in the lobby after the screening


I also was able to do a selfie with David and take a Sister Pic with Ava, (I couldn’t resist sharing a hug with them and capturing the moment.)  As we all watch, these two stars rise and ascend. I also was able to capture some footage from the forum, kicked off by David’s moving story of having to ” have the talk” with his 13 year old son about being a black boy in America, he also discuss his experience wiith racisim on 3 continents.

I was overjoyed to have spent the evening hanging with these amazing kinfolks, the entire crowd was the bomb, representing a lot of the L.A. Indy film & art movement . I was able to expand my network and connect with like minds, that looked like me and felt like I did. May they both continue to create great films and dialogue that moves us-  Kim Afreeka

check out my previous post for pics and look for my Special Editions: “Compton Finest” featuring Ava Duvernay.

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