Kim Afreeka Village Academy Online School

5 Reason's Why You and Your Children Will Love Learning at The Kim Afreeka Village Academy, Online School.

1. We are Based In Afrika, and invite teachers from all over the World. Learning cutting edge Global Economics, Trade and Building up Afrika.

2. We have an Afrikan Centered Curriculum based in authentic Afrikan and Global Diaspora History.

3. Students will Learn Afrikan Languages like, AKAN, IGBO, KISWAHILI, AFRIKAANS, AMHARIC, ZULU, YORUBA AND WOLOF.

4. Students would get to interact with other students in Afrika and around the World. They can join our Pen Pal Club and make lasting friendships.

5. 4 Days/ 4 Hours A Week - Classes are Creative, Interactive and Entertaining, making the learning experience something to look forward to.

Ages 6-15 Years Old. Enrollment starts August 1. Classes start September 14, 2020 #kimafreekavillageacademy #kava #ghana #senegal; #gambia #nigeria #ethiopia #southafrika #marcusgarveyclasses #afrikancenteredlessons #newschool

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