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Ancient Remedies for Modern Health Western Medical & Pharmaceutical Reform

Being an herbalist, and as part of my spiritual life coaching practice, I use and also prescribe certain Herbs and Roots as natural mind, body & spirit remedies, (advising each client to check with their primary physician first, of course.)

As a Clinical Social Worker, I was trained in synthetic pharmacology and disorder classification, which means, we were able to identify your mental problem, then prescribe pharmaceuticals.

What I found, usually, the client would have negative side effect and in many cases become addicted, and their mental problem would persisted. Many resorted to self medicating, which reclassifies them as dual diagnosed, so now they are classified with a disorder and a drug problem.

The synthetic drugs were never meant to heal, just serve as a band aid and it kept my clients in a perpetual state of despair, while pharmaceutical companies made huge profit.

Treatment of any ailment, be it physical, mental or spiritual, inclusive of any and all man made viruses, needs a natural holistic approach. These age old natural remedies have been around for centuries and many indigenous communities that subscribe to this

Until we take Capitalism out of the medical and pharmaceutical fields and replace it with true Compassion, our true well being will always be compromised according to Western Values.

We will also benefit from embracing Wellness and Wholeness over Sickness and Brokenness, we are made to self heal...our bodies are instinctive and intelligent, it speak to us and will guide us to what it needs from food to sex to sleep. It’s a simple sacred process.

Take a minute today to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY....

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