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Kismet Minute: Change is Now

So all the planetary happenings with the eclipses and retrogrades are shifting and awakening many souls, and just like the world, your life as you've known it, will never be the same...this is a time of reflection and deep soul transformation,

like right before you take a flight, you prepare, you pack and take only what's needed and really wanted, you leave the rest behind, you prepare your itinerary (plan) for your trip and you book in advance.(KNOW WHAT YOU WANT).

there is a slight fear of the unknown, there is a vulnerability and deep trust in the airways and the pilot (ancestors) to keep you safe, you are leaving some people behind, because, everyone can't come. you say a pray.

You prepare your mental space for this have done all the work to get to the check in, you go through final security check for any toxicities, that you may have forgotten, if its too toxic you will not be able to board this time.

ONCE YOU ARE ALL CLEAR(ED) You sit pass time, you read, you eat, you nap....(what you ingest at this time is important)

So what do we get ready... For now we must stay grounded and connected to Nature.

Meditate and Purge and get ready to board the flight and prepare for take off....You are about to go places, you've never been before.

You are about to take Flight to Heights you could have only dreamed of. Leveling Up to the Next Level, High Vibes & Soul Tribes. You will be soaring through the sky with the deities...your trajectory is limitless.

Change is not coming, It's Here...

Things will never be the same, they will be so much sweeter...Do your inner healing you can take full advantage of this magical transient time.

Be Free, Kim Oko..... Kismet Life Coach

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