KISMET Minute: Divine Sacred Love

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Don't talk to anyone about your relationship with your partner, except your partner. Who knows what goes on between you two, but you two, who knows how many galaxies and moons or lifetimes, you've seen together.

Keep it private, keep it sacred, keep it pure....your relationship should be a safe place of refuge and shelter from the outside world. This require trust and vulnerability. You both create the atmosphere of this space your share. So keep others out your bedroom.

You could seek professional help, someone with special sensitivities, and you can show your love off a bit....but try not to do it for accolades, try to always, do it for love.

Be Free, Kim Oko

Kismet Life Coach (Kiz'mét) Destiny, Fate #kismetminute #kimoko #kismetlifecoach #kismetlife

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