Kismet Minute: Everything is A Vibe

Kismet Minute: because everything's a VIBE.... I'm the kind of person that never gets caught up in my own hype and trust me I could. But, I decided, I'm going to stop being extra humble, some people will try to dismiss your greatness, if you don't let it Shine Fully!!!

I've been laying low cause, I'm a low rider, but, I'm about to get on my High Horse....ooooooo and alot of folks gonna be mad....because, in my very humble state, I witnessed alot of ugly, manipulative, disgraceful behavior towards me, for no apparent reason and I still loved, still found compassion unconditionally. I still saw God in it all. I still prayed for them & I still do, now.

And now that the season has changed and I am being asked to Level up. My heart kinda goes out to the fools that played themselves, because you not only missed out on the Beautiful experience of me but of this incredible life I am creating...

This world within worlds, that only a very carefully selected few will ever get to experience. Everyone is not and can not be invited & most disinvite themselves.

I'm an empath and clairvoyant, I feel & see you, all of you, very clearly. It's my gift. In order to maintain my gift, I have to stay balanced, this happens through extreme self care and truly protecting and managing my Energy..... because everything's a VIBE....

Kim Afreeka Oko #kismetminute #kismetlife #kimafreeka

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