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Updated: May 4, 2021

There will be people that will try to attach themselves to you, solely for their own personal gain.

They will bestow endless compliments on you, in one breath, while trying to undermine your confidence in the next.

They will offer you help for things that you never asked for, in hopes to interweave an inter-dependency, so they can align with you.

These people are not “whole” or pure neither are their intentions, and never are they your friend, they are only looking for others to fill them up.

They are sometimes called, energy vampires or leaches, they are people that haven’t accessed their own inner light, so they are trying to plug in to yours.

Set Clear Boundaries (especially on Social Media) and always listen to your inner guide, it will tell you exactly who these people are, listen and act accordingly.

Be Free, Kim Oko, Kismet Life Coach

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