Love is…….

Love Is………………… Love Is… When my mom passed away on 9/24/1994, I went to her apartment to find something of hers to hold on to, something valuable enough to passed down to my children. I look ferociously for an object, a symbol of my mother’s life here on earth, something tangible and real. I look until I couldn’t look anymore. Then a piece of notebook paper fell out of a book, it had my mother’s handwriting on it and it read:

Love is- the ability to allow those you care for to choose whatever they desire in life without any insistence that they satisfy you.

I immediately knew that was what my mother wanted her grandkids to know. I still have the paper she wrote it on. Every day I remember those words and I live by them.

I wanted to share my heirloom with you, so you too can be inspired to love freely without any conditions or limits. Believe me it’s the best way to love and live.


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