Major Grocery Stores Recall 60,000 Pounds Of Tainted Beef

A photo of Beef Wellington

Well this recall seems to be isolated to the Southern States through 3 major food chains, Publix, Kroger and Winn-Dixie. There haven’t been any reports of  illnesses as of date and time of this blog post. I will keep you updated on any new recalls or illnesses reported…

YUCK!! is really all I can say, I was a full vegan during college and while raising the girls. I thought it was the best thing for me…then as I got older and loosen up a bit, I decided to do everything in moderation.

So I started to eat some beef…and pork on occasion…these kind of stories concerns me and this is why I feel I need my own farm…with my own animals and garden…no pesticides, no abuse, no e-coli….

Stay Safe family and please cook any animal meat to its fullest…

Read more on this story in the Huff Post article below

Also Check out the Debate Meat..No Meat…and listen to the Vegans and the Meat Eaters chime in…quite interesting…

Eat to Live…..

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