Marange Diamond Field: Zimbabwe Torture Camps

Blood Diamonds…..This story is the worse and I think the worst part is the African Americans that participate in this kind of human atrocities by purchasing and marketing these diamonds, especially all the marketing many Pop/Hip Hop Celebrities do through their lifestyles and music videos. It’s shameless and quite irresponsible to me. The more demand we place on this commodity the more insane cruelty would happen to these disadvantaged Africans working in those fields and mines. 

We really need to be ashamed of our participation without regard to others, assimilation is one thing, but to actively and bufoonly advocate for slaughter of people for others to get rich, just seem plain inhumane. We must do better, African Americans…we must show some pride in ourselves, some dignity and respect to our family in Africa…Right?

Of course the good diamonds would be named Kimberley…:)

Read the Article below so you can know what I’m talking about….:)

Be Free,



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