Me, My Soul & I

I’ve been writing all my life it seems. When I was a child, I would stay up at night, writing and drawing while everyone was asleep. Some things never change as I’m still up late, writing….

Writing is a tool of expression.I find it to be quite revealing and also during the process of penning your thoughts to paper, quite therapeutic. Ok, that is the therapist in me talking.

The artist in me says, words are sexy and sensual. Words are bendable and flexible. Words are freeing and captivating, words can evoke and ignite and writing words is a lot like really good sex.

While at Morgan State University, I wrote several poems and decided to compile them into a book, I titled, “Me, My Soul & I”. Each week as I work on revising and updating some of the poems, I will post a poem from my book until I’m finished and ready to publish.

I would like to invite you with me on this journey of self-publishing my book. Just keep in mind, I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit….lol. ( I love that line from Erykah Badu‘s Tyrone Live video).

I wrote a poem want to hear it here it go (In Living Color, lol):


Bed of the Womb

As I bath it is as if I am in the bed of the womb

When I move my body the water ripples

As I go deeper I submerge my nipples

The flicker of the candle reflects off my glistening thigh

As I rinse all my cares and wring them dry

Vapors of steam evaporates in thin air

All my worries and burdens start to disappear

In the bed of the womb I experience a rebirth each time

It’s where my soul meets my heart then my body, then my mind.

It’s where I am one with the one that creates us all as one.

Cleansed from the inside out, a new start I have begun.

I’m light as a kite, My soul takes flight

In this sanctuary where my body and spirit is naked and free

I find me and I set me Free.

Kim Afreeka

Be Free Publishing….


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