Michele Bachmann’s Views On Slavery (Black Voices)

When I started this blog, I said to myself these tea-party extremist or President Obama haters will not get any airplay on this blog site. I said I wouldn’t mention any of their ideas or share any of their stories. I only want to post ideas and people I support. I support the idea that something is seriously off with Michelle Bachmann.

but Really Guys? Who is this woman and where in God’s name did she come from?…this has to be some sort of joke. She is by all accounts MAD. I try to reframe from any critical judgment of people, but my goodness (wish you could see my face right now)…its hard when you run across someone so detached from reality.

I really can not believe that anyone is actually and  honestly taking her serious, who in the hell is sponsoring her and what’s good with her husband? WOW, now I’m exhausted, and this is why I make all attempts to not engage them,  all of their nonsensical rhetoric is draining.

I just got dragged into this mess because she was speaking of my ancestors, something she knows nothing about,evidently. Slave families were dichotomized on a regular basis, it was standard procedure on plantation and generations later, we are still living with this legacy.

Hopefully, this will be my last time posting about this mayhem, but for some reason, I don’t think so.

There should be someone, employed by US government that could say;


and she would have to do it, but I know, constitutional rights and freedom of speech and all. But really guys, WTF?  I think I just can’t take the fact that these are actual Americans and they are running in pacts…It’s discouraging, but thank Goodness they are not the majority.We don’t have no time for the madness…We need real solutions and real leaders to move America and the World forward.

Read article below to hear

Michele Bachmann’s Views On Slavery Are Worse Than You Thought

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