Mother Nature

Mother Nature

The Sun is about to shine a new day Maybe I’ll feel you today Maybe you will reach out to me Embrace me, captivate me Maybe I can do the same for you

The stars are about to be out of sight They will surrender their boldness to the sun And dawn will break the darkness of the night

The birds will sing praises; the sky will celebrate with vibrancy As the sunrise paints the color of a new day I long to be as free as a bird As vibrant as the sky And as energetic as the sun, I am inspired

Mother Nature is my role model She’s who I want to be when I grow up She possesses all the qualities I want to radiate

I long to be as sweet as a rose As wild and as sensual as an orchid I want to flow like a river Stand tall like a mountain; be as cool as a breeze

Mother Nature she’s my hero She shows me exactly how to be a woman


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