My Views on The Trayvon Martin Murder Case

I haven’t commented not once on the Trayvon Martin Murder Case. But I felt compelled to share my thoughts & feelings, this morning. I don’t think that was Trayvon yelling for help on the 911 tape, I believe it was George. I believe George approached Trayvon in a physically aggressive manner and Trayvon responded like anyone would, in “self defense”…just so happen George was getting his Azz wipedby a strong young warrior, in a fair one and George being the true coward he is – did what all losers do….pulled a gun out in a fist fight…..

But I understand thats the stance the prosecutions took….which I felt wasn’t thought out properly. The defense team is sickening, they are clearly in it for the 15 minutes of fame…I am so sadden by this young mans physical presences not being available to his loved ones but I also know that his sweet spirit has impacted the entire nation. …I pray our young men of color get the message and I also pray that they know they are strong and proud warriors and sons of kings…and the time has come to claim the kingdom….(ok now I sound like momma dee)….time for me to go to bed…lets keep his loved ones in prayer, I have little to no faith in the judicial system.


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