Sonia Ghandi is the most powerful person in India

“Once again, Sonia Gandhi has shown that, unlike most politicians in democracies, she does not feel obliged to explain herself

I love powerful, strong woman and I love highlighting them here in the Kismet Chronicles. Sonia Ghandi looks like someones sweet grandma and she most likely is, she is also a fierce and quite powerful politician in India’s government and was married to India‘s Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi until his assassination in 1989.

She did not accept the position of Prime Minister of the most recent term but still holds a very high position as President of the Indian National Congress, that is in a sense more powerful than Prime Minister. She will make the decision on who will be the next Prime Miinister, which will most likely be her son. Now that’s gangster.

Girls! We Rule the World!!

Read the full article below

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