So happy you could join me as I yet once again make a go of being an opinionated, know it all, blog post DIVA :)…I look forward to sharing my unique views and perception of nature, spirituality, the world and the homo-sapiens that inhabit it.

I am exquisitely intrigued by life and all that is in it. I am a humanitarian at heart and somewhat of an idealist. I can become very rowdy and fierce when it comes to injustices and inhumane cruelty and do all I can to create positive, uplifting growth and movement.

I am a Revolutionary and believe in Constant Change…

I am a life stylist, entrepreneur, writer and social activist. I am a mother of 2 adult daughters and one absolutely amazing granddaughter. I really, really enjoyed being a mom, truly and now that I am empty nesting, I am enjoying sharing my sweet life with the masses!!

I was born in Harlem and raised in Brooklyn, NY. (yes ya’ll there is a difference)

I went to Morgan State University an HBCU for undergraduate studies in Social Work and Mental Health and University of Maryland for graduate school both in Baltimore and I lived there for 9 years. I must say I love that little city alot but oh boy do they need restructuring starting from the administrations.

I relocated to Georgia in 2005, heard tales of it being the Black Mecca…well ok…I have my own personal issues with Atlanta that I won’t share because I believe they are negative and tainted by my experience…I’m just gonna say this…I don’t feel comfortable around confederate flags, is all.

Once the kiddies flew the coop, and after I cried and tried to bribe them to stay..lol…(I just didn’t want it all to end so fast, so soon)….I decided what the hell, mama’s got a life too, so I moved to Sunny California, in hopes to pursue my dreams of becoming a viable independent filmmaker and artist…

I do believe that I’m part Gypsy…lol, it has become my nickname among my family and friends. When I was little I remember my great-grandmother saying, what’s wrong with her, she must got “ants in her pants“…lol…she was right, I just can’t sit still, I get bored quite easy, so I started this post to share all of my wonderful adventure with you as well as

  1. Good Books & Authors

  2. My Favorite Things and People

  3. Current Events & Politics

  4. Money Saving Tips

  5. Small Business News & Tips

  6. and so much more…..

I am the most resourceful person I know, having been a grassroots Social Worker, working with youth and families for 15 years and a Single mom, I have aquired the skill of getting quality at the best possible value, if not FREE! (which is my middle name…literally) aFREEka…lol

Most importantly, I will give you a peak inside The Kismet Life and share ideals on how to create your BEST LIFE NOW! This is my life work and it gives me so much joy to help others realize their dreams and actualize their goals…my ultimate goal is to let everyone know for sure that..We are all FREE to live our ultimate Destiny!!

Hope you enjoy and come back often to be engaged and entertained…:) This will be a very honest conversation about how I see the world.

I look forward to sharing my truths with you!!!


Kim Afreeka


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