Young & Gifted: Esperanza Spalding


Bassist Esperanza Spalding

One of my favorite young jazz musicians right now is 26-year-old Bassist, Vocalist,Composer Esperanza Spalding. her genre-inclusive music infuses jazz, folk, classical, soul and world music with old and contemporary styles.

Hailing from Portland Oregon, the multilingual, homeschooled, single parent raised prodigy is truly a” Rising Star”, a title Oprah gave her in the April issue of O magazine.

I first “discovered” Esperanza in 2008 while shuffling through a music library on one of those “legal” music download sites. I ran across her newly released  CD titled, “Esperanza” and thought to myself she looks like a really cool girl, like someone I would want to just hang out with, maybe drink some green tea and go vintage shopping. 

After “purchasing” then downloading a couple of songs, I realized that she was more than just a cool looking girl, Esperanza is a gifted musician with a unique talent of delivering a good balance of musical perfection.

 Her joy and passion for her bass and her craft is a delight in itself and to actually hear her play, you can feel the chemistry between her, her art and her instrument.

As a Music Scholar she not only studied, but by the age of 20 taught at Berklee School of Music and I wasn’t at all surprised when she received the Grammy this past February for “2011 New Artist of the Year”. I am looking forward to what’s next for her.

She gives me hope, after losing Amy Winehouse recently at the age of 27, you begin to realize how scarce raw, fresh talent is in the main stream commercial market.”

Esparanza does collabo’s with some other, very cool and talented musicians, check out her page below for her up and coming concerts, music, videos and other happenings. I will be going to see her at the Orpheum, Downtown, LA…on September 30, 2011. I hear she give awesome performances, so if you’re not doing anything come with…

disclaimer: no piracy was done during the downloading of any music in this story, because we support our artist that bless us with their gift of music!     



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