YOU, Inc. International Enterprise

YOU, Inc. International Enterprise

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YOU, INC. is a 90 Day step by step interactive e-course designed to help you plan, start and run your own For Profit and Non Profit Small Business, using up to date small business innovations in marketing and sustainability. You will learn the tools and get the support to get your New Business Ideas off the ground. Become the entrepreneur you always dreamed of becoming while serving others through your Non profit extension.

YOU, INC. Is a business start up course for individuals interested in starting their own international business entity. Whatever you are looking to start, LLC, Corporation or Sole Proprietor, this course will steer you on the path of becoming a Business Owner in 90 days and will also teach you how to create a international business with a soul, by attaching a non profit or NGO entity to it.

In 12 weeks, You will learn:

  • How to register your business with your state and internationally

  • How to build your international brand identity

  • How to build business credit and get funding anywhere in the world

  • How to write a business plan that get's noticed

  • BONUS: How to establish a non profit/ NGO entity

You will walk away with everything you will need to get your business off the ground in 90 days with the latest insider information, trends and business solutions. This course is unmatched, as it gives you full global business knowledge for your new business and as a additional bonus shows you how to start a non profit or NGO to give back to the community.