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We're Hiring 

Kim Afreeka Eclectic Brand is hiring in several positions in several departments. Pick the number or numbers that you are applying for and put them on the top of your letter of interest, with your full name. phone and email. Then send it in PDF by clicking the email icon below

International Kismet Life Coach/Therapist

Join our lineup of holistic healers. We offer International Kismet Life Coach 6 Week training and certification, an online Kismet Life Line profile and a toll free number to start your own telephone practice, that you can operate from anywhere in the world, at anytime. If you are a natural holistic healer, let us help you share your gift with the world. Contractual, pay per call. Kismet Life U


Beauty/ Hair/ Fashion Therapist

Consult with Clients on beauty /skincare, hair/ weave, fashion/style. Whatever your expertise is, use it online or on our hotline, to help enhance our clients lifestyle, introduce them to our products and walk them through the ordering process.  We offer a free 2 week training, get free products and employee discounts. Work from home. Contractual and Commision-based. pay per call. AFREEKANA


Investment Agents

This is an exciting time for the continent of Afrika, with a wealth of opportunities to invest in and to help build the nation to its glory. We need agents to help us sell Afrika to the world. A Free 3-Day Real Estate &  Investment Training. Flexible schedule, work from home. This is a sales position, salary based on sales commission with bonuses and incentives.  Legacy Land Ghana



Law School Students are welcomed to join our Legal think tank, where we take on real estate, social and civil cases and apply the best legal solutions to bring the proper justice and order for all parties concerned. Knowledge of the Ghana or USA legal systems and International Law. Teach a Webinar or write a blog. 2 free weeks training. Contractual. paid per case.

Legacy Land Ghana | K.I.M.S. KIDS 



Accountant Students are welcomed to join our Financial think tank, finding the best financial solutions to bring our projects to life and helping our organization manage their finances. Knowledge of the Ghana or USA financial systems and global economics. Teach a Webinar or write a blog. 2 free weeks training. Contractual. paid per project.

Legacy Land Ghana | K.I.M.S. KIDS 



Architecture, Engineer & Construction Students are welcomed to join our Builders think tank, to establish a style and portfolio of sustainable innovative, eco-conscious building structures and community layouts,  globally. Creating fresh new, innovation and industry standards. free 2 week training included. Contractual. paid per project. Legacy Land Ghana | K.I.M.S. KIDS 


K.I.M.S.  Creative

Become a Keep it Moving Studios Creative. Get a Profile on our Creators page with a short Bio and link to your Social Media and Webpage. Be considered for all work funneling into the design studios, collab with other creatives, teach a class, write a bog. It's a selective process, so tell us why we should feature you on our exclusive curated collective of Creators. K.I.M.S. 


Film Festival Intern

Film Students, Independent Filmmakers or Film lovers, this is an excellent opportunity to go behind the scenes of Brooklyn's hottest Virtual Short Film Festival and help us distribute good film works, as you get to mingle and network within the industry. Every intern will get Free Merch with work and class credit.  some perks. Seasonal.  BKSVFF


Social Media Marketer

We need skilled Social Media Marketers that understand the market, the tools and algorithms to create successful online marketing campaigns across several social media platforms, as well as daily maintenance of each media outlet. Work from home, some perks. 2 week training. Contractual. ALL DEPTS.


Social Media Influencer

We need People that People follow. If you have a loyal and engaged following, then we need you, we will send you free and deeply discounted products from our inventories and ask that you share with your friends as they share with their friends, you will get a commission on all of it. 5K Solid active followers/friends is needed to apply. No training needed. Perks. ALL DEPTS.


HBCU On Campus Shopper/Stylist

Be the one known on campus, for getting all the Good Good straight from Afrika, while making cash and EVACOINS, so you can get Apple Products or even a car for our top Shopper/Stylist. You will get your own online profile and personalized e-commerce shop, make cash with every sale. 1 Week free training. Perks. AFREEKANA 

Let's Work Together

Upload your 250 or less word, Letter of Interest in PDF with the numbers of each position you are applying for with your name, number and email

by pressing the mail icon. 

Email Your Letter of Interest 

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